Things I Like: Fight Club (1999 Film)

When Fight Club came out, I was only 11 years old and definitely too young to watch the movie. It was originally a box office bomb and had a mixed reaction from critics. But it later became a cult classic, and for good reason too. I finally watched it recently as it’s currently on Hulu….

Things I Like: Enola Holmes 2 (2022 Film)

I remember enjoying the original Enola Holmes movie back in 2020. I was a little disappointed, but I did think the movie was pretty good. The sequel popped up on Netflix not that long ago and I definitely wanted to check it out. Enola Holmes 2 takes place probably about 2 years after the original….

Things I Hate: Hamlet (1990 Film)

William Shakespeare wrote many plays, one of which is Hamlet. I saw The Simpsons do a parody once, but I didn’t know the whole story. Also I heard The Lion King’s story was mostly based on the plot of Hamlet. I also thought it was weird to see Mel Gibson in a movie based on…

Sweeney Todd (2007 Film) Review

If Tim Burton wants to know the honest truth, he works just too much with Johnny Depp. Which has kind of de-motivated me to see his films. But since it’s near Halloween, I figured I’d give Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street a chance. I assumed this was original but it’s based on…

Things I Like: The King’s Speech (2010 Film)

Rented this movie years ago, and it was pretty much as good as I heard it was. The film is about the man who would eventually become King George VI of Great Britain. Despite being a royal, he can barely make a speech. Geoffrey Rush plays Lionel Logue a speech therapist who helps King George…