Things I Like: Monica Geller (Friends)

Monica Geller Friends sitcom Courtney Cox

Monica Geller was definitely a enjoyable character on Friends. When it came to ambition of what she wanted, she definitely seemed to be the most qualified of the group.

Monica Geller and Rachel Green drinking beer in wedding dresses Friends sitcom Courtney Cox

I will say, she did seem to be the craziest of the three women. Her love life during the first few seasons was awfully pathetic.

Monica Geller and Richard Friends sitcom Courtney Cox

I will say that I do like Richard as a character but her romance with Richard I find fundamentally inappropriate. Age differences aside, he was her eye doctor when she was a kid. Combine that with him being her father’s friend and it’s all kinds messed up.

Monica Geller tells Chandler to keep santa costume Friends sitcom Courtney Cox

But maybe not as disturbing as her Santa fantasy, lol.

Monica Geller in bed with Chandler in London England Friends sitcom Courtney Cox

Anyone watching the show during season 1 would definitely be shocked to know that she ended up with Chandler Bing. The random night of spontaneous fun turned into a real romance and it worked.

Monica Geller walking down the aisle in white wedding dress Friends sitcom Courtney Cox

And they have a pretty stable and not very toxic marriage.

Monica Geller head chef at Alessandro's Friends sitcom Courtney Cox

I think she had one the most interesting career paths during the whole show. While she was quite skilled at cooking, she definitely struggled to get where she wanted to be.

Monica Geller and Chandler Bing holding adopted twins Friends sitcom Courtney Cox

I did think it was rather sad that she couldn’t have a biological child. But she luckily manages to adopt twins. To the surprise of both Chandler and Monica because the birth mother was absolutely stupid and didn’t realize she was carrying a boy and a girl. At the end of the show, they buy a house outside the city which is the major reason why all the characters had to go different paths.


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