Things I Like: Veronica Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)

Veronica Liones was a decent minor character but definitely the most forgettable princess from the Kingdom of Liones. She somehow didn’t get kidnapped by Hendrickson but ended up being tricked into thinking The Seven Deadly Sins were bad and Elizabeth was brainwashed. She definitely wasn’t the smartest. Which causes her to fight with Elizabeth. ButContinue reading “Things I Like: Veronica Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)”

Things I Like: Margaret Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)

The eldest daughter of King Bartra, she was a decent minor character. She’s also the adoptive sister of Elizabeth. She never had any special abilities, but her and Gilthunder were in love at a young age. When evil Holy Knights take over the kingdom, the witch Vivian (who secretly loved Gilthunder too) had fun cursingContinue reading “Things I Like: Margaret Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)”

Things I Like: King Bartra Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)

We don’t see much of King Bartra at the start of the show as he’s held hostage by his own holy knights. Once The Seven Deadly Sins free him, we see more of him. He’s the adoptive father of Elizabeth. He never did much against the Demon race but he was always supportive. He doesContinue reading “Things I Like: King Bartra Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)”

Video Game History: Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective (GBA)

Back in 2003, I was a huge fan of the Yu Yu Hakusho anime on Cartoon Network. Unlike Dragon Ball Z, video game makers took no time waiting to make a video game version of this anime. While many had already been created in Japan (the anime came out ten years earlier in 1993), AtariContinue reading “Video Game History: Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective (GBA)”

Noragami (TV Series) Season 1 Review

I remember many years ago on Cartoon Network’s Toonami, I used to watch a lot of anime. Nowadays I haven’t watched too much of it. Noragami is actually a fairly recently anime, so to make it to the United States so soon is quite rare. It took popular anime shows like Dragon Ball Z andContinue reading “Noragami (TV Series) Season 1 Review”