Video Game History: Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge

While Castlevania was a big hit on NES, it also had some notable games on Gameboy that were a bit overlooked. The 2nd title for Gameboy was Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge which is the sequel to Castlevania: The Adventure. The game is set 15 years after Christopher Belmont defeats Dracula. However the old Count comesContinue reading “Video Game History: Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge”

Video Game History: Castlevania: The Adventure (Gameboy)

In 1989, Konami had great success with two Castlevanias on NES and with another soon on the way. But they also produced an original Castlevania set in a different time than Simon Belmont. In-fact, it’s a prequel game set 115 years before the original. It was pretty much the same deal as the original gameContinue reading “Video Game History: Castlevania: The Adventure (Gameboy)”

Mario Tennis (GBC) Review

While Mario Tennis is one of Nintendo’s best known Mario spin-offs, I missed the one for Game Boy Color since it came out in 2001. It had received a lot of critical acclaim back then, and some said it was even better than the N64 Mario Tennis. One of my biggest fears about Mario TennisContinue reading “Mario Tennis (GBC) Review”

Video Game History: Resident Evil Gaiden

While Capcom canned the Gameboy Color remake of the the original game, that didn’t stop them from developing on the system completely. They made a “kiddie” version of Resident Evil for the GBC near the end of its lifespan. The game starred Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 2, and Barry Burton who was a sideContinue reading “Video Game History: Resident Evil Gaiden”