Fun Fact: Halloween Captial of the World?

Both Salem, Massachusetts and Anoka, Minnesota claim to be the Halloween capital of the world. Salem was well-known for historical witch trials while Anoka was one of the first cities that discouraged pranks on Halloween.

Fun Fact: The Connection Between Captain Kirk and Michael Myers

In the original Halloween film from 1978, the villain Micheal Myers’ mask was in reality an inside-out one of Star Trek’s Captain Kirk. William Shatner (Kirk’s actor) apparently had no idea at the time, but considered it an honor when he found out.

Fun Fact: The Four Holidays That Made Modern Halloween

Halloween comes from 4 select events. The one it borrows most from was the Celtic festival Samuin which means “summers end.” Another was the Catholic “All Souls Day & All Saints Day” which was invented by the church around 800 A.D. to replace Samuin. The next is the Roman Feralia festival which commemorates the dead….

Fun Fact: Halloween in Japan

Halloween is a sorta new holiday in Japan since they knew about it from American pop culture. Jack-o-lanterns are popular, but trick or treating is not. Dressing up in costume is usually only for private parties.

Things I Like: The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of the best movies ever. The story is about Jack Skellington who is the hero of Halloween Town, a place where it is Halloween-ish all year round. He grows bored and stumbles upon Christmas town in which he falls in love with. He wishes to spread Christmas cheer to the residents of Halloween Town,…