Outlander (TV Series) Season 3 Review

One of the television series I’ve been watching recently is Outlander. I’ve heard about it for years but I ignored it for quite a number of seasons. Now that the whole series is basically on Netflix now, I can actually watch it without subscribing to Starz. I’ve enjoyed it so far, but what did IContinue reading “Outlander (TV Series) Season 3 Review”

Outlaw King (2018 Film) Review

When I first heard of Outlaw King, I thought it was about some kind of Viking king. Though I suppose it was the Vikings TV show that got me thinking that. I don’t know why, really. Instead it’s about Robert the Bruce, a notable king from a medieval Scotland. In truth, it’s about what happenedContinue reading “Outlaw King (2018 Film) Review”

Outlander (TV Series) Season 2 Review

Outlander seems to be the Game of Thrones for Starz. It’s got a hefty budget, a story that grips you into binging, and almost nothing holding it back when it comes to censorship. I was very impressed by the first season, so the second was very easy to start. After leaving Scotland, Claire and JamieContinue reading “Outlander (TV Series) Season 2 Review”