Fun Fact: The End of Mary Queen of Scots

When Mary, Queen of Scots was allegedly found to have worked with conspirators to commit regicide against Elizabeth I of England, it left the English queen in a bit of a predicament. Any lesser ranked person would be executed without a second thought, but Elizabeth feared the backlash. While Elizabeth ordered her death anyway, herContinue reading “Fun Fact: The End of Mary Queen of Scots”

Fun Fact: Battle of Culloden

When the House of Stuart’s Catholic members lost the throne of Great Britain to their Protestant cousins in the House of Hanover, there were attempts to reclaim the crown. Charles Edward Stuart, a grandson of James II (the last Catholic king of Great Britain) sailed to Scotland and raised a rebellion of Catholic forces. MostContinue reading “Fun Fact: Battle of Culloden”

Fun Fact: King James Witch Hunter

When King James VI of Scotland (who later became James I of England) married the Danish princess Anne, he became very paranoid of witches when he returned from Denmark. At the time Denmark had several notable witch hunts. One of his biggest witch hunts was against Agnes Sampson (among others) who James thought caused stormsContinue reading “Fun Fact: King James Witch Hunter”

Fun Fact: How The Scottish King James V Died

James V of Scotland was a grandson of Henry VII (and nephew of King Henry VIII) but despite the English royalty in his DNA, his country of Scotland was at war with England. He died of an illness in times of much tension, only leaving behind an heir (Mary, Queen of Scots) who was sixContinue reading “Fun Fact: How The Scottish King James V Died”