Fun Fact: Shortest Commercial Flight In the World

At the Orkney Islands in Scotland, you can take the shortest commercial flight in the world. Which takes about roughly 80 seconds, from start to finish.

Fun Fact: The Merry Monarch

King Charles II of England, Scotland, and Ireland was fairly popular during his reign. He earned the nickname, the Merry Monarch.

Fun Fact: The Man Who Inspired Jekyll and Hyde

The author of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde based the character on the real life Scottish man William “Deacon” Brodie. He lived a respectable life to the public but was a criminal behind the scenes. While he wasn’t scary serial killer like Jack the Ripper, he was hanged for his crimes.

(Not So) Fun Fact: The Banning of Scottish Gaelic

Scottish Gaelic was shoved to the side by the House of Stuart in favor of English over the years. King James VI (I of England) of Scotland made English way more important as Gaelic was closely associated with Catholicism. After the Jacobite rebellion, Scottish Gaelic nearly became extinct.