Video Game History: Sonic Shuffle (Dreamcast)

In the late 90’s, Nintendo had found smashing success with their Mario Party series. Sega being no fool, attempted to make a “Sonic Party” for the new Dreamcast system calling it Sonic Shuffle. Was it better than its N64 counterpart? The game was pretty much the same as Mario Party in execution You can pickContinue reading “Video Game History: Sonic Shuffle (Dreamcast)”

Things I Hate: Sonic Unleashed (PS3)

My local library has a video game section, and they had Sonic Unleashed. While Sonic hasn’t had many great games since the Sega Genesis days, nostalgia for Sonic still gives me the motivation to give his new adventures a try. I wasn’t too sure I would like Sonic Unleashed and I was right. I willContinue reading “Things I Hate: Sonic Unleashed (PS3)”

Video Game History: Sonic Crackers (Sega Genesis)

Sonic Crackers was an old prototype game shown for the Sega Genesis back in the early 90’s. While many thought it would become Sonic the Hedgehog 4, it was scrapped and never released as a proper game. The main gimmick that people could see was the two rings connection between Sonic and Tails. An ideaContinue reading “Video Game History: Sonic Crackers (Sega Genesis)”

Video Game History: Sonic Heroes (PS2/XB/GC)

While Gamecube fans liked the ports of the two Sonic Adventure games, Sonic Heroes was the first original Sonic game for the system. Ironically Sega also produced PS2 and Xbox versions which gave Sonic a home on all the major consoles. Though most critics cite the Gamecube version as the superior edition. Regardless of platform,Continue reading “Video Game History: Sonic Heroes (PS2/XB/GC)”

Things I Like: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (PS3)

When Super Mario Kart landed on the SNES back in 1992, it was one of the most beloved racing games of all-time. Sega countered Mario with Sonic R on the Sega Saturn, and I considered it one of the most horrible games I’ve played. I did play a little of the original Sonic & All-StarsContinue reading “Things I Like: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (PS3)”