Reign of the Supermen (2019 Film Review)

Back in 2007, Warner Bros./DC Comics made Superman: Doomsday, a direct-to-video animated movie that combined two Superman storylines about the death and return of DC’s greatest hero. Combining two such storylines into such a short movie was an awful idea but it had its strengths. This is a retake on such a story, but thisContinue reading “Reign of the Supermen (2019 Film Review)”

Video Game History: Superman (Sega Genesis)

The early 90’s were a golden age for video games, and DC wanted to give Superman a shot on the Sega Genesis. So Sunsoft made a platformer in 1992 starring the Man of Steel. Some gamers say it was rather silly for Superman on Genesis to be a platformer as he can fly. Though IContinue reading “Video Game History: Superman (Sega Genesis)”

Video Game History: Superman (NES)

While Superman may be the most iconic superhero of all time, the Man of Steel has had quite an awful reputation with video games. Most remember his laughable N64 adventure, but fewer knew of his NES game back in 1988. The game is loosely based on the first two Superman films featuring Christopher Reeve. YourContinue reading “Video Game History: Superman (NES)”

All-Star Superman (2011 Film) Review

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Superman to be honest. But I’ve been giving him more interest after watching the excellent works based on his friend Batman. I came across All-Star Superman which is an original story outside the official comic story-line. The story starts off with Superman saving a spaceship studying the sun.Continue reading “All-Star Superman (2011 Film) Review”

Video Game History: Superman (Atari 2600)

While Superman might be the “the man of steel” Earth’s first memorable superhero didn’t get his first virtual adventure until 1978. I never played it myself, but besides some pretty decent box-art, I really can’t find much to make me want to play this. One of the reasons is the system itself. The Atari 2600Continue reading “Video Game History: Superman (Atari 2600)”