Injustice: Gods Among Us (Xbox 360) Review

Last year I didn’t pay much attention to Injustice: Gods Among Us as when I heard the title I didn’t realize this one was based on DC comic’s Justice League heroes and their super-villains. I also wasn’t shocked to learn that the people behind the Mortal Kombat games were behind Injustice. They had made MortalContinue reading “Injustice: Gods Among Us (Xbox 360) Review”

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 (2013 Film) Review

As a huge Batman fan, I was excited to see the first part of The Dark Knight Returns which was based on Frank Miller’s comic. I loved it so I made sure I saw the final half as soon as possible. The film starts out with the Joker regaining his consciousness after years of beingContinue reading “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 (2013 Film) Review”

Video Game History: Superman Returns (360/PS2/Xbox)

With about two decades of terrible games, Superman has built quite the bad reputation for gamers. Ironically the only major game to be based solely on one of the films was the last Superman game (not counting DC Comics or Justice League) in 2006. With the new film Superman Returns premiering in 2006, EA decidedContinue reading “Video Game History: Superman Returns (360/PS2/Xbox)”

Things I Hate: Pac-Man (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Well let’s more say dislike than “hate.” Which I hate to say, because I really do like Namco’s Pac-Man, but he’s one of the worst fighters in Ultimate. I don’t remember him being too good in Smash 4 on WiiU either. Which is a little strange, since he’s got a bunch of crazy moves, butContinue reading “Things I Hate: Pac-Man (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

Justice League (2017 Film) Review

DC Comics has always been at an eternal (yet friendly and sometimes cooperative) rivalry with Marvel Comics. Now that superhero movies are the top craze and quite unified, DC movies had A LOT of catching up to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The folks behind the DCEU were pretty darn impatient because they didn’tContinue reading “Justice League (2017 Film) Review”