Fun Fact: Texas v Pennsylvania Supreme Court Case

Texas v. Pennsylvania was filed with the Supreme Court shortly after the presidential election in 2020. The state of Texas tried to sue Pennsylvania on how they handled their elections, in a vain attempt to install Donald Trump as president. Since the United States Constitution clearly gives states a lot of autonomy to handle their…

Fun Fact: First Congresswoman Born in Mexico

Mayra Flores won a special election this year to fill in a house seat vacated in south Texas. Thus becoming the first congresswoman born in Mexico. Unfortunately, in office she was a very conservative Republican, allying herself closely with Donald Trump. She won her special election with just a little over 7% of voter turnout….

(Not So) Fun Fact: Alex Jones’ First Political Stunt

Disgraced conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has done many extreme and insane stunts over the years. His first notable one was in 1998 at a George W. Bush rally in Texas where he interrupted the future president and demanded that he abolish the Federal Reserve.

(Not So) Fun Fact: Young Brides of David Koresh

Right wing terrorist and cult leader David Koresh was famously killed in the Waco Siege. His followers saw him as the Messiah, and many of them ignored the immortality his “spiritual” brides , some whom were as young as 11 years old.