Things I Like: Claim to Fame (TV Series) Season 1

I don’t watch a lot of reality TV but I got sucked into Claim to Fame. And I think it was my free time after the birth of my son when I was on paternity leave. The concept is rather neat, all contestants are related in some way to a very famous person, and theyContinue reading “Things I Like: Claim to Fame (TV Series) Season 1”

Things I Like: Generation Gap (ABC Game Show)

I’m actually quite fond of game shows, but like new Christmas movies, I am suspicious when a new one comes out. I saw many previews on Hulu (which I watched it on) and it looked pretty good. It’s a decent game show but far from one of my favorites. Kelly Ripa is the host andContinue reading “Things I Like: Generation Gap (ABC Game Show)”

Things I Hate: Password (Jimmy Fallon Reboot)

I was talking to one of my customers at work and he mentioned that Password was one of his favorite game shows on TV right now. I vaguely remember the old Password game show and I don’t remember being a big fan of it. And apparently my tastes have not changed at all It playsContinue reading “Things I Hate: Password (Jimmy Fallon Reboot)”

Things I Like: Black Sails (TV Series) Season 2

I’ve been watching Black Sails for the last month or two on Hulu, when I get the chance. I’m pretty certain Starz tried to make it as their Game of Thrones about a decade ago. It’s not quite as good as that but it’s still a very interesting series. The show takes place immediately afterContinue reading “Things I Like: Black Sails (TV Series) Season 2”

Things I Like: Uncoupled (TV Series) Season 1

Uncoupled ended up being a show my wife recommended we watch on Netflix. It came out fairly recently and I had no idea it was coming out until my wife brought it up. I did think the concept was interesting, Neil Patrick Harris finally playing a gay character. Neil Patrick Harris plays Michael Lawson, aContinue reading “Things I Like: Uncoupled (TV Series) Season 1”