Things I Like: Beetlejuice (Cartoon TV Series)

I had forgotten this TV series even existed until the other day. I remember it airing in the 1990’s and the re-runs for a few years and I always liked it. Granted this one is far less “scary” than the actual movie. The stories focus more on Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice than any of theContinue reading “Things I Like: Beetlejuice (Cartoon TV Series)”

Things I Like: The Final Cut (UK TV Series)

The Final Cut is essentially the last season of the original British series House of Cards. All three seasons are based on books written by Michael Dobbs who also helped (as an executive producer) with the American version with Kevin Spacey. Like most later reigns of politicians, these are the last years for Francis UrquhartContinue reading “Things I Like: The Final Cut (UK TV Series)”

Things I Like: Black Sails (TV Series) Season 1

Black Sails popped up on our Hulu and my wife and I needed something new to watch. She loves almost everything to do with pirates, so it wasn’t hard to convince her to watch it. Starz made this several years back, I think to compete with Game of Thrones. While it somewhat appears to beContinue reading “Things I Like: Black Sails (TV Series) Season 1”

Things I Like: Dragon Ball Z Kai (Season 2)

It starts a little after the Namek Saga really begins. Gohan and Krillin are in a pickel because they have to get the Dragon Balls from not only Vegeta but Frieza as well. But Vegeta allies with the Earthlings and takes on the terrible Ginyu force. I always thought Recoome’s fight felt like Nappa partContinue reading “Things I Like: Dragon Ball Z Kai (Season 2)”

Things I Like: Dragon Ball Z Kai (Season One)

Dragon Ball Z Kai is a re-do of the old Dragon ball Z series. It’s basically updated visuals (but not a 100% redraw) and they cut all the “filler” that was anime-only. I will say the whole Gohan rage thing does seem unbalanced. He still has the rage in the Namek saga but not enoughContinue reading “Things I Like: Dragon Ball Z Kai (Season One)”