Westside Story (1961 Film) Review

Westside Story movie poster

Westside Story is a movie well before my time, as my mother was a toddler when the film came out. The movie itself was based on a work based on Romeo and Juilet. It won a bunch of Oscars and had cemeted a legacy in popular culture even as most of the surviving cast members are now in their elderly years.

Westside story sharks gang

The film is set in the 1950’s in a bad New York city neighborhood. Only because the youth have organized two gangs that mock each other. One group is white while the other is Puerto Rican.

Westside story tony

One of the major members of the Jets, Tony has a kind heart. Though all of his friends still get caught up in all the drama of fighting for no reason. Things change drastically for Tony when he spots an angel.

Westside story ma

Who happens to be Maria, the sister of the rival gang’s leader. And not surprisingly, she falls for him too. These star crossed lovers aren’t exactly going to have a storybook relationship but will they find peace?

Big fight Westside story

Overall I was a little disappointed by Westside Story. It’s a good movie, but it has aged. The songs still hold up fairly well but the last fourth really dragged for me. But I am thankful I have seen it now.

Score: B

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