Just Go With It (2011 Film) Review

Just go with it movie poster

Just Go With It was a movie I somehow either ignored or missed completely for almost ten years now. Adam Sandler has had a lot of duds in the 21st century, but was this an exception?

Just go with it Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler plays Danny Maccabee, a plastic surgeon who had his heart crushed before his wedding. Vowing to protect his heart, he uses his would-be wedding ring to attract ladies sympathetic to his sob stories.

Palmer dodge just go with it

Most ladies were one night stands, that’s until he meets Palmer Dodge. She easily catches his eye and he asks for his number. She gets bitter when she finds a wedding ring in his pocket. He says he’s divorcing and she asks to meet a wife that doesn’t exist.

Jennifer Aniston just go with it

He then asks his assistant Katherine Murphy to pose as his “wife.” She thinks the idea is stupid, but she doesn’t mind all the expensive items he buys to complete the illusion. I just hope everyone is good at acting for long periods of time.

Just go with it kids

I was honestly shocked how much I enjoyed this movie. Personally, I’ve been going through an intensely painful chapter of my life, and I honestly needed some good honest laughter. While Just Go With It got panned by critics, I was very impressed.

Score: B+

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