Baby Mama (2008 Film) Review

Baby mama movie poster

Baby Mama is a movie I had been meaning to watch for a few years now. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are an amazing team most of the time. But even the best can have bad scripts, which I had my doubts originally.

Baby mama tina fey

Baby Mama is about a woman named Kate Holbrook. She is a young executive in a company, as she traded making a potential family for a high paying career. But now before she turns forty, she really wants a baby. Something she learns she can’t do due to her uterus being oddly shaped.

Baby mama 2008

So she goes to an agency to look for a surrogate mother. The surrogate candidate is Angie Ostrowski, who already gives off a bad energy. While most agencies do great background checks, it becomes obvious that Angie has her own problems.

Tina fey amy Poehler baby mama

But Kate really wants her baby, and Angie really wants a check. But Angie soon realizes that she likes Kate a lot as a platonic friend. Which will eat away at her conscious because Angie lied about a positive pregnancy result.

Baby mama angie gives birth

Overall I liked Baby Mama. It’s a cute comedy, though very predictable. It may have some cheesy characters but it’s balanced out with talented actors. I’m glad I finally sat down to see it.

Score: B

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