Things I Like: Marty McFly (Back to the Future Trilogy)

Johnny be good back to the future

Marty McFly is obviously the main character of Back to the Future. Just a simple high school slacker, he soon gets the challenge of a lifetime.

Marty McFly meets George McFly Back to the Future one

As he goes back to the year 1955 when is parents were teenagers. He finds out his dad was a pathetic loser. And more than that.

Lorraine Baines Back to the Future 1955

Marty stop his dad from getting run over, not knowing that’s what brought his parents together. So his mom instead gets a crush on him.

Back to the Future time machine by lightning

While the timing was a billion to 1 odds when his car goes back to the future, it was very very satisfying.

Back to the future 2 old marty 2015

It was ironic that in the original 2015 timeline, Marty grew up to be a loser. But at least he got the time and fate fixed later.

Marty mcfly vs mad dog back to the future 3

I did enjoy his time in Old West as Clint Eastwood.

Marty doesn't race back to the future 3

At the end of the trilogy he decides that being called chicken isn’t worth everything. He finally learned.

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