Things I Like: George McFly (Back to the Future)

Back to the Future Biff harasses George McFly in Diner

George McFly was Marty’s dad and we see him the most as a young man in 1955. He was even more pathetic as a teenager as he was as a grown up.

Back to the Future original 1985 Biff and George McFly

Because in the original 1985 timeline, he had severe confidence issues that really held him back.

George McFly knocks out Biff Back to the Future

I really enjoyed watching him knockout Biff.

Back to the Future George McFly dances with Lorraine

And luckily, he got the love of his life back and the timeline was secured.

George McFly Lorraine better 1985 future

And with his son’s help, he became a much more successful man now that the timeline was changed for the better.

Fake Crispin Glover George McFly Back to the Future 2

Apparently his actor Crispin Glover had a pay dispute with the studio and chose not to be in the second movie. But they got another actor and put his mold to create a fake face. Crispin Glover ended up suing the studio and ensuring that Hollywood can never do that again.

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