Veronica (2017 Film) Review

Veronica Spanish movie poster 2017

Veronica is a movie someone suggested I watch. Horror is not my favorite genre, but I was surprised I never heard of Veronica. That reason being is that it is a movie made by Spain for Spain. International movies rarely carry much buzz in the United States.

Veronica Spanish movie 2017 classroom

The story is set in the early 1990’s in Spain. A young lady named Veronica is a typical girl in school. Her mother is often out of the house and her father recently died. So we often see her take care of her younger siblings.

Veronica Spanish movie 2017 Ouija board with friends

Veronica and her friends decide to play with a Ouija board. But apparently they don’t officially close out the game to settle the spirits or something like that.

Veronica 2017 Spanish movie crucifix in living room

Veronica soon sees dark spirits all around her house. But her mother and siblings remain largely ignorant of what’s happening. Everything seems so dark and evil, will Veronica even make it to see a new week?

Veronica 2017 crazy evil looking nun Spanish film

I will say Veronica was a intriguing horror film. I did like how everyone was filmed that felt real and organic. The horror aspects didn’t really scare me nor was I really satisfied with the ending either. But it was worth a watch.

Score: B-

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