Things I Like: Spring Stadium Stage (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

Spring Stadium smash ultimate Mario link Donkey Kong Samus Aran arms stage Super Smash Brothers Nintendo switch

I was curious what stage they would pick for Min Min. It makes perfect sense that they would pick Spring Stadium. I definitely remember it when I played Arms.

Super Smash Brothers ultimate spring Stadium Princess Zelda versus female Corrin Nintendo switch

The stage is set up pretty simply, the main part of it is very similar to a battlefield setup. But they are platforms that set it apart from the others.

Spring Stadium smash ultimate Pichu Nintendo switch Super Smash Brothers

When the platforms turn green, they are ready to go.

Spring Stadium smash ultimate Luigi versus byleth Nintendo switch Super Smash Brothers

You can use it to attack enemies above you.

Spring Stadium smash ultimate Bowser versus lady palutena Super Smash Brothers Nintendo switch

If you miss, you still get some major jump air. Even giant characters like Bowser can be jumping as high as Sonic.

Spring Stadium smash ultimate min min and Kirby Nintendo switch Super Smash Brothers

By far not the greatest stage in the game, but a good one.

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