Bill Nye Saves The World (TV Series) Season 3 Review

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One of my favorite shows as a child was Bill Nye the Science Guy. His new show on Netflix premiered a few years back, and it definitely didn’t hold a candle to his original work. But I committed myself to watch the third and final season of Bill Nye Saves the World.

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The third season isn’t dramatically different from the other two. Bill has six episodes all focusing on one topic. I was quite surprised he waited that long to discuss evolution. And it wasn’t even that good.

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Some of the topics include understanding how pets think, new innovative ways to create food, and even ways to survive an ample supply of water. You can definitely tell these topics were definitely not on the first string.

Bill Nye Saves the World Netflix

As usual, he brings on a panel of guests near the end of the episode to talk about the said topic. They typically are people you never heard of, which isn’t necessarily necessarily a bad thing though most of them are kind of deadweight.

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Unfortunately, Bill nye’s Netflix show did not work out. It was a valiant effort, but as I mentioned before with the first season, he definitely needed to change the format. The third and final season isn’t very good, but it isn’t very bad either.

Score: C-

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  1. My daughter was excited to go to his speaking tour here. Then, she got there and said it was totally boring. I understand your low rating. She’d probably give him the same score.

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