Top 10 Lies Republicans Believe is the Truth

Russian puppet Donald Trump speaking to right wing extremists

While many think it’s only Donald Trump saying and believing in some wacky stuff, most Republicans believe in these provable falsehoods. Here they are in no particular order.

Lie #10: Michelle Obama is a Man

First Lady Michelle Obama black dress Pearl necklace

Republicans and science never get along but this one is just insane. Michelle Obama has two biological daughters and pictures of herself young as a female. But yet, so many Republicans believe this as literal truth.

Lie #9: Donald Trump Had Nothing to Do With Russia

Donald trump American flag Ukrainian flag

Despite all the evidence, Republicans think Donald Trump had nothing to do with Russia. The Republican Senate played politics and didn’t convict him. Using the same logic, OJ Simpson is “innocent” too.

Lie #8: Hillary Clinton is a Mass Murderer

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State

While I wasn’t a huge fan of Hillary Clinton, according to Republicans she is more powerful and dangerous than any mob boss or super villain you could dream of. The insanity of people listed is ludicrous.

Lie #7: Barack Obama Was Born in Kenya

Senator Barack Hussein Obama of Illinois photo

This one is well known but Republicans will not shut up about it. There are two newspaper articles in Hawaii announcing his birth, and he has his birth certificate. And even more embarrassing is they declared Ted Cruz eligible to run despite being born in Canada. But Ted Cruz is not black, so Republicans don’t care.

Lie #6: The Civil War Wasn’t About Slavery

Confederacy takes over fort Sumter Charleston, SC

Ironically during the American Civil War, Republicans were liberals and Democrats were conservative. But conservatives will shout and whine about “state rights” when it comes to the Civil War.

Lie #5: Democrats are Communists

Flag of the Soviet Union

Anytime a Democrat suggests something to benefit the actual people, Republicans paint it as communism. This is more Nordic, not Soviet. But Republicans don’t care. Half their party thinks that Joe Biden is a socialist, what a complete joke.

Lie #4: RINOs Actually Exist

Republican Senator mitt Romney utah

Short for Republican in name only, Republicans use this to demonize any GOP member who shows any decency or morality. But any of them are still Republicans, none of them are liberal.

Lie #3: Trans People Are Mental Ill

Trans pride flag

While there are plenty of people who are “confused” about their identity, I have known several transgender people in my life. Transwomen are women and transmen are men. It’s that simple.

Lie #2: Cutting Taxes Increases Revenue

Ronald Reagan destroyed American middle class

Ever since Ronald Reagan, we hardly tax the rich anymore. Republicans actually believe we earn more money this way. Yet our national debt has been out of control since the Reagan administration.

Lie #1: Elected Republicans Caring About the People

russian puppets Donald trump and Mike pence

Unless you’re rich and white, Republicans in office aren’t working on your behalf. That’s the horrible truth. If you believe otherwise, you are the dumbest fool in the Western world.

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