Things I Like: Michael Kelso (That 70’s Show)

That 70s show Michael Kelso Ashton Kutcher

Probably the funniest character on the show, Michael Kelso was the perfect idiot.

Dumbest things Michael Kelso has said that 70 show Ashton Kutcher

He would often say the dumbest things.

That 70s show Michael Kelso glue some self the fridge

Or do some of the dumbest things. It’s a miracle he even was alive.

That 70s show Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis

His greatest romance was with Jackie Burkhart. But they didn’t last forever.

That 70s show Michael Kelso cheating with Laurie Forman Ashton Kutcher

But he often cheated on her, so he deserved it.

That 70s show Michael Kelso final season Ashton Kutcher

His last stories were rather lame. He gets some random girl pregnant, becomes a cop, and I forget the rest.

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