Home on the Range (2004 Film) Review

Home on the Range movie poster Disney

Home on the Range was a movie I don’t remember coming out in 2004. For as a company as large as Disney, it sure can produce some films that fly under the radar. The film made some money granted, but there might of been a reason nobody talks about it almost 2 decades later.

Home on the range Disney cows and horse Roseanne Barr

The film is about a cow named Maggie. She ends up on a ranch called a little slice of heaven. Her optimism and attitude is very charming, but not all the animals she meets are happy to see her sometimes.

Alameda slim  Home on the range Disney Randy Quaid

Every animal on the ranch must fear Alameda Slim, a notorious and wanted cattle rancher. He can yodel to a pitch that causes all cows to go into a trance and follow him wherever he wants. His greed has no limits.

Home on the range Disney  Little slice of heaven ranch

When a little slice of heaven ranch has a foreclosure issue, the money needed to save the ranch is exactly the same as what the cops want for Alameda Slim to be captured. So they go on the farfetched quest to save themselves and the ranch.

Home on the Range buck the horse and Rusty the dog Disney

Home on the Range was a pretty bad film. I guess it’s not horrendous, but it’s not a very good one. Roseanne Barr voices the main cow, and while she was very popular in 2004, her political views has made her annoying voice rather painful to my ears so that didn’t help matters. Disney has made worse, but they have made far better.

Score: D+

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