The Country Bears (2002 Film) Review

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I don’t recall The Country Bears coming out in 2002. But it did come out in a time where Disney was making so many movies based on theme park rides from Disneyland. This one was based on Country Bear Jamboree, but since I’ve never been to a Disney property, I’m not familiar with what that, besides the name and legacy.

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The movie is about Beary Barrington, A young bear who was adopted by human family. Despite the very obvious truth, he is oblivious that his parents aren’t his real parents. His human brother is told to keep it a secret, and he does a very bad job of doing so.

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But eventually, he accepts the truth and starts to run away. He just doesn’t feel like he fits in, and is searching for a place where he does. Since he isn’t a human, he eventually gets the idea to find bears to bond with. But that might not be so easy.

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He eventually finds a member oc a band called the Country Bears, which have been retired for over a decade. A banker threatens to take over their old building where they made so much music. The only way to save their legacy is to reunite the band and make some good awesome music for everyone to enjoy.

Worst Disney movies of all time the country bears

Overall, I can see why The Country Bears became a forgettable film 20 years later. It can be charming, but the story and acting is more on par for a movie created for the Disney Channel not the silver screen. For as hard as Disney tried, I don’t think they made a film based on a theme park ride that really was a successful outside of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Score: C-

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