Wonder Woman 1984 (2020 Film) Review

Wonder woman 1984 movie poster gal gadot patty Jenkins

The original Wonder Woman film for the DCEU is one of the best super hero movies ever made in my opinion. I was skeptical but hopeful about Wonder Woman 1984. It was slated to come out in June, but due to COVID-19, Warner Bros. decided to release it during Christmas on both HBO Max and in theaters. I opted to watch it on HBO Max.

Wonder woman 1984 Diana prince VS Egyptian thugs gal gadot

Obviously, the movie takes place in 1984 much much after the events of the original Wonder Woman and about a generation before Justice League. Diana Prince hasn’t loved anyone since the death of Steve Trevor. While she is Wonder Woman, she is very lonely sometimes.

 Barbara Ann Minerva black dress wonder woman 1984 Kristen Wiig

In 1984, Diana is working for the Smithsonian museum and she has a coworker named Barbara. Her coworker finds a strange stone, and makes a wish on it. She wishes to become more like Diana, and her wishes are granted including superstrength.

Wonder woman 1984 max lord finds wishing Rock Pedro pascal

The stone has been long sought out by Max Lord, a regular human who wants to be the richest man in the world. Currently a con artist hoping to make it rich with oil investors, he’s at a low point and is willing to do anything to reverse his fortunes. If he gets to make a wish on the stone, the whole world will change, and not for the better.

Wonder woman 1984 Diana prince uses gold armor to fight cheetah gal gadot

Unfortunately, Wonder Woman 1984 is not even close to being as awesome as the original film. I blame this mostly on its script which poorly handled juggling two major villains, one of whom was grossly over powered. I did enjoy seeing Diana reunite with Steve Trevor, though I wish they had more time before everything got messy. Many fans have taken poorly to the film, but I still think it’s a decent film, just plauged with a flawed story.

Score: B

2 Comments Add yours

  1. RO says:

    As you know, I’m a Superhero fan, so I was looking forward to seeing Gadot as Wonder Woman again. Like you, I preferred the first movie better, but this one had some good points, and I found myself wondering what I would wish for if I actually had the chance to make changes to the world. It was interesting to see how many people never really saw the big picture, and it made me think about the world we live in today, and how so many have their own agenda. I loved that Wonder Woman never lost sight of what was truly important. What I didn’t like was the era. Even though I lived during that time frame, I’m not super fond of the 80’s for some reason. In fact, I watch very few movies of that era. Another great review. Hugs and Happy New Year! RO


  2. Sandra Cox says:

    I want to see this.


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