Things I Like: Cammy (Street Fighter II)

Street fighter II Cammy white win screen snes arcade Capcom

Cammy White was one my favorite characters in Street Fighter II. She wasn’t in the original game but in a later release.

Cammy white VS chunli street fighter II snes arcade Capcom

She was the first female to challenge Chun-Li in being the bad ass girl on the roster. I still prefer Chun-Li heavily over Cammy.

Cammy white green leotard street fighter II snes arcade Capcom

She was also one of the first female video game characters I can remember to dress really skimpy. That leotard only got smaller in later games. Video game makers soon lost any shame they had.

Cammy white VS Sagat Street fighter II snes arcade Capcom

But I always had fun playing as her. She was quick and her special moves showed how powerful her kicks were.

Cammy white VS Ryu street fighter II snes arcade Capcom

That proved true in most other games she was in after Street Fighter II.

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