Meme Dump: Trump Supporters VS the Blue

Memes  Donald Trump supporters Washington DC versus the police
Memes Republicans blaming antifa
Memes Having a nice hat
Memes Racist white guys
Memes Michael Jackson impersonator
Memes Digital schooling
Memes Knowing my address
Memes Donald Trump supporters travel ban
Memes Donald Trump supporters think they are constitutional scholars
Memes Bad tippers at restaurants
Memes Coca-Cola versus Pepsi
Memes McDonald’s versus Taco Bell customer service
Memes Bats in the cave
Memes What my hometown is like
Memes Donald Trump worst president in history
Memes Star Wars R2-D2 is in every single movie
Memes Darth Maul is not a real Sith
Memes Video game speed runners
Memes The brain named itself
Memes The black plague

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