Birds of Prey (2020 Film) Review

Birds of prey movie poster

I have been mildly looking forward to Birds of Prey since 2019. Since 2020 was a crazy year, I didn’t get to see it in theaters though I might not have anyway. I have HBO Max now, and it’s on the service like the majority of all movies based on DC Comics.

Harley Quinn breaks up with the joker birds of prey Margot Robbie 

The movie takes place after Suicide Squad. For some reason, the Joker has decided to break up with his beloved girlfriend Harley Quinn. While she tries to say otherwise, she’s a wreck without her Puddin.

Birds of prey Ewan McGregor Roman Sionis Black Mask

Besides the Joker, the main leader of crime in Gotham City is Roman Sionis. His more colorful name is Black Mask. While one may mistake him for a very eccentric nightclub owner, he’s one of the most evil and sadistic people not only in Gotham city but on planet Earth entirely.

Birds of prey Harley Quinn grocery shopping Margot Robbie 

After being put on his kill list, Harley Quinn suggests a way for her to live and redeem herself in his eyes. A very powerful family had hidden all of their secrets inside a precious diamond, and it’s up to Harley Quinn to get it back or she might not live to see many more days.

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn birds of prey

Birds of Prey was a decent film, and very very fun for the first half I will say. But most of her allies weren’t that appealing to me. Black Mask was also a bit too goofy to take seriously in my opinion. Margot Robbie really does kill it as Harley Quinn, but she does need a little more help from the writers of the script.

Score: B-

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