Republicans Failed America By Not Convicting Trump Again

Donald trump 2nd Impeachment vote

The Senate failed to convict Donald Trump of insurrection during the second impeachment process. This is not totally unexpected, as you need a super majority to convict. Super majorities in the Senate on many matters are super rare.

Donald trump rally Nebraska

From early November to January 20th, Donald Trump and his allies we’re trying all options to steal the election from Joe Biden. When all legal options became null and void, Donald Trump’s rhetoric became more violent and crazy. Holding a rally in front of Congress during the certification of electoral votes was just asking for trouble. Especially after telling the crowd a pure lie by saying Mike Pence had the power to overturn the election.

Damage in Congress January 6 2021

And surprise surprise, about 300 of his supporters that we know of, stormed the capitol inciting murder, violence, and vandalism. Donald Trump prevented the national guard from quelling the mob leaving capital police overwhelmed and helpless.

Donald trump and Lindsay Graham

Republicans, save for seven senators with a backbone voted that he was not guilty. I think part of this is mainly them afraid of losing their primary races, election time. If they had voted in secret, I would only hope they would all vote unanimously to convict.

Senate minority leader mitch McConnell and Elaine chao

To rub salt on the wound, Mitch McConnell publicly condemn Trump after voting him innocent in the trial. Literally blaming him for what he voted him innocent for. The Republican Party is nothing more than a group of mentally ill voters and corrupt leaders who will do anything to stay in power. When choosing Trump or America, most of them chose Trump.

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