My Top Ten NES Games #6: Tetris

Tetris NES Boxart North America

Man do I love Tetris. Really the only puzzle game, I really really enjoyed. I first got into the game after playing the NES version on an emulator. 

Original nes tetris version

It’s actually quite ridiculous how long I spent playing the NES Tetris ROM. I used to spend hours in my room, just playing and playing even on a crappy keyboard control set-up. But I loved every second of it. I later bought the Gameboy version, Tetris DS, and Tetris Party for WiiWare, and I think I might pick up a XBLA version if they have it.

Tengen tetris boxart

Now some people actually say the NES version is kinda crappy, and that the Tengen version is superior to it. For those who don’t know; Tengen was Atari’s cheap pirate name used for illegally publishing games on the NES. Tengen Tetris was pretty popular back in the day. 

Tengen tetris version nes

I’ve played the version, and I really don’t dig it. For one, I hate when they don’t make the individual squares visible on every tetris piece. And number two, multi-player wasn’t a big deal to me now (but I’m sure back in the 80’s it was really the only way to play with a friend) since by the time I played it I had Tetris DS. I feel a little weird putting Tetris on the list since better versions have come out on later systems, but the NES version will always have a spot in my heart. 

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