My Top Ten NES Games #7: MegaMan

Mega man worst boxart in history nes Capcom

Probably the first game to really put Capcom on the map as one of the greatest game developers. Long before Street Fighter, and Resident Evil came along we had our favorite blue bomber. Or at least in the American boxart our favorite middle aged man dressed up in a blue-yellow outfit with a pistol. Pew pew.

Electric man level Mega man 1 nes Capcom

It may lack Rush, powerslide, or a charge shot, but it does feature the special power-feature that came in every single sequel. You also had to use a lot of skill to beat Megaman. It’s one tough cookie.

Yellow devil boss battle nes Capcom Mega man 1

Unless of course you use the “select trick” which can cause extra damage by rapidly hitting select when a blast hits your target. Mr. Sand-monster guy? Almost impossible without the select trick, and a boss rush with no heals followed up by Dr. Wily? Get real. Get the NES version or Virtual Console release. The PS2 anniversary collection took out the glitch. Despite it’s tough challenge, MegaMan 1 really put it’s spot on almost anyone’s list, and it’s no surprise how many great games followed.

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