Thunder Force (2021 Film) Review

Thunder force Netflix poster Melissa Mccarthy Octavia Spencer ben falcone Netflix

Thunder Force is one of the newest movies out on Netflix. I had seen the trailer and it looked really promising. But many Netflix original movies can be kind of dumb, so you really don’t know what you’re going to get. Was this one above the curve?

Emily Stanton turns invisible Thunder force Melissa Mccarthy Octavia Spencer

The movie is about two friends who had been estranged for a long time. One of them, Emily Stanton grew up to be rich and super intelligent. While the other Lydia Berman just became working class and normal. To avenge the death of her parents, Emily uses her wealth to gain herself super powers.

Emily Stanton and Lydia Berman Chicago press conference thunder force Netflix Octavia Spencer Melissa Mccarthy

Except that Lydia accidentally took the formula for super strength for herself. She uses it along with Emily’s invisibility power to try to rid Chicago of its most violent superpowered bad guys. But it won’t be an easy quest.

William stevens the king Jerry the crab thunder force Netflix Jason Bateman Bobby cannavale

As a man calling himself the King is running for the Mayor of Chicago and has a decent chance of winning the general election. Unfortunately, the voters have no idea that he’s actually a super villain with incredible strength.

The king crushes Lydia Berman thunder force Netflix Bobby cannavale Melissa Mccarthy

To be honest, Thunder Force is pretty dumb. Though, that’s not to say that it’s not likeable in some ways. It has its moments but it also has a lot of dumb plot points and some pretty silly heroes and villains. It could have been worse but it could have been much much better.

Score: C

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