My Top Ten NES Games #10: Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble NES Boxart Taito

Bubble Bobble might seem like one of those many arcade-to-NES ports that spammed the system, but it’s quite not. Some say the NES version is actually the best version that was made of the original game anyway. Whether or not that’s true, I can say for sure that Bubble Bobble is one of the NES’s finest masterpieces.

Nes classics bubble Bobble Taito

The point of Bubble Bobble is simple enough. You control this little midget dinosaur who can barf out bubbles that trap enemies and then you ram into them from behind, and once you’ve done it to all the creatures, you can proceed on to the next of many levels. 

2 player mode bubble Bobble Taito NES

Either alone or with a friend, Bubble Bobble is the shit. I usually don’t like NES arcade ports, since Galaga was boring, Donkey Kong was missing a level, and Pac-Man was embarrassing. Bubble Bobble however is just simple and pure fun that has stood the test of time since I didn’t play it until it arrived on the Wii’s Virtual Console. 

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