Things I Like: Drizella/Ivy Belfrey (Once Upon a Time)

Adelaide Kane as Ivy Belfrey Once Upon a Time abc

Far from my most liked characters on the show, but this 2nd incarnation of the Cinderella’s step-sister was a decent one. I think I’m a little biased because she’s played by Adelaide Kane whom I watched as Mary, Queen of Scots on Reign for years. A bit interesting to see her play a role that was more villain than hero.

Drizella with tiara Once Upon a Time Adelaide Kane

As Cinderella’s step-sister that whole was about the same. But there was something about her not being the favorite daughter of her mother or something like that.

Ivy Belfrey and Lucy Mills Once Upon a Time Adelaide Kane

She spent most of her time “babysitting” Lucy Mills on orders from her mom.

Ivy Belfrey looking for Lucy Mills on Halloween Once Upon a Time Adelaide Kane

I did enjoy seeing Lucy tricking her. She eventually shows some humanity and that deep down she was a decent person.

Ivy Belfrey sees her mother die Once Upon a Time Adelaide Kane

She almost dies, but her mother takes her place in a sacrifice to save Lucy’s life. Something I would have never guessed from the start of the final season.

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