Joker (2019 Film) Review

Joker movie poster Joaquin Phoenix

To say Warner Bros has had some flops with the DCEU would be an understatement. But to my shock, they threw a curveball with a Batman movie without Batman and not in the DCEU at all. Warner Bros. made a bold move to base a sole movie on the Joker character alone and got Joaquin Phoenix to play him. I had my doubts at first, but sure enough Phoenix surprised everyone with role role, and he even won the Best Actor Oscar for it too.

Arthur Fleck in therapy the Joker movie Joaquin Phoenix

The movie is set during the 1980’s. You see the aging yet “young” Arthur Fleck. It becomes pretty clear that Arthur has some severe mental problems. He laughs for no reason, he has an unhealthy introverted personality, and his only joy in life is his even more crazy mother, Penny Fleck. Gotham City is pretty dark and that hasn’t done well to ol’ Arthur Fleck.

Arthur Fleck gets beat up as a clown the Joker movie Joaquin Phoenix

His main job is a clown. But outside of kids events, he often gets mocked or beaten up for doing his job. Arthur makes some really poor choices in life as well. When his self-defense weapon drops during an act, he is fired and left with not much to lose. He is a poor, pitiful, and many times broken man.

Talk show host Murray Franklin the Joker movie Robert de Niro

But he soon embraces his insanity and decides to get his revenge upon society. With the many folks that have done him wrong such as the billionaire Thomas Wayne, and talk show host Murray Franklin, there’s a new clown on the streets and his name is Joker. But will Gotham be ready for this new kind of anti-hero? It might not be funny to most.

Arthur Fleck Joker costume talk show the Joker movie Joaquin Phoenix

Overall I didn’t like Joker as much as I expected. It’s too depressing to me, which is something I don’t care for in any film. I get the point of it for the plot and story sake, but I still stand by that. Joaquin Phoenix actually does well here, and I can see why he got the Oscar. But I do still prefer Heath Ledger’s incarnation of the Joker. It’s a good film, but it does have its own flaws.

Score: B

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