Pete’s Dragon (1977 Film) Review

Pete's Dragon disney movie DVD cover

Pete’s Dragon was something I never saw a kid. It was a complete flop with critics and a dissapoint for Disney at the box office, and that was eleven years before I was even born. I actually saw the remake of the movie a few years ago and I wanted to give the original a try. For as bad as I heard it was, it made no sense why Disney would try to remake it and were quite good at doing so with the 2016 Pete’s Dragon.

Pete dirty overalls Pete's Dragon disney

The movie is about a young boy named Pete. A terrible hillbilly family known as the Gogans had Pete as an indentured servant on their farm. Things didn’t quite work out for Pete and the Gogans, so the hillbillies chase after Pete with cruel motivations of “revenge.” Pete isn’t exactly smart, nor is he strong either.

Elliot dancing with Pete Pete's Dragon disney

But luckily he has a real dragon named Elliot at his side. Elliot can turn invisible when he needs to, and that gives Pete the chance to go into a new town without making everyone run for the hills. But the residents of Passamaquoddy don’t take kindly to Pete when they blame things Elliot has destroyed on accident on the human boy instead.

Nora and Lampie adopt Pete Pete's Dragon disney

Luckily for Pete, he is found by Nora and her father Lampie. The father and daughter keep a lighthouse in shape, but Nora is waiting for a very long time for her beloved fiance to return home from sea. But with him missing (and probably dead), she does have time to see if she can give Pete a good life and education. But will that happen with a dragon around?

Con artist salesman Pete's Dragon disney 1977

Overall Pete’s Dragon isn’t a god awful movie, but it’s not really a kinda good one either. The animation trick of having Elliot appear with living actors is still kinda neat in 2020, but the plot is rather meh and it’s way too long and boring for its own good. Apparently Disney was hoping for another Mary Poppins in the late 1970’s, and even the musical numbers fall flat here. It’s also much different than the rather recent remake, which is a good thing for the remake’s sake.

Score: D+

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