Anne With An E (TV Series) Season 3 Review

Anne With an E Netflix poster season 3

Back in 2010, I was watching the Anne Shirley mini-series starring Megan Follows which was made before I was born. While not as popular in America, the Anne Shirley/Green Gables books are pretty standard quo to Canada. Anne With an E is a Canadian TV series rebooting the story but Netflix has the rights to it outside of Canada.

Anne Shirley meets first nation's native Americans Anne with an E Netflix

The season starts with more growing pains for Anne Shirley Cuthbert. But despite her journey towards growing up, she often seems to care more about the lives of those around her. A big notable addition to this season is Anne meeting a local family of First Nations (Native Americans of Canada) people, and like Anne she is just fascinated by their culture.

Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe Anne with an E Netflix

While most of the girls at school are worried about their soon-to-be marriages/engagements, Anne seems to have made some distance between her and Gilbert Blythe. But it wasn’t that long ago that Anne and Gilbert both felt like their souls were connected by fate, for which this new chapter seems to be a cruel irony.

Gilbert blyeth and Sebastián Anne with an E Netflix

Though to be fair, Gilbert has his own share of problems. When Mary’s son moves into his home, he brings all kinds of drama when he sees his newborn baby sister. His step-father Bash wants to give him a “new start” in family, but pathetic drunks rarely bring happiness to any home. Which is more than what Gilbert needs as he is working towards getting into a good college so he can get the career he wants.

Anne Shirley blue dress Anne with an E Netflix

I hear this will be be Anne with an E’s final season unless they decide to revive it. The Anne Shirley stories go far into Anne’s life, so it was only an inevitable possibility that the show would run out of time eventually. The seasons shows a darker side of Canadian history with the First Nations people that many have forgotten, which I found interesting but sad. But other than that, I found the season to more dull than the last two. So I’m not too bitter than the show is over and done with.

Score: B-

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