Realm Royale (Nintendo Switch) Review

Realm Royale Nintendo Switch pc Xbox one PS4

Realm Royale was rather late arriving on Nintendo Switch as it hit PC (Windows), PS4, and Xbox One last year. I also got a little distracted by other games so it took me some time to give it enough time for a full and fair review. I am a big fan of the game Paladins, which is from the same company behind Realm Royale, though this one favors Fortnite rather than it does Overwatch.

Parachute dive Realm Royale Nintendo Switch pc Xbox one PS4

Like Fortnite, you play on a giant map which features an island with different kinds of terrain. You mainly play with 99 other players, so it’s a pretty crazy battle royale. While there are team/squad modes, if you play solo, prepare for a very Hunger Games like experience. You get one life, a random luck with weapons, and if you out…you out.

Farmhouses on hill Realm Royale Nintendo Switch pc Xbox one PS4

The main difference between Realm Royale and Fortnite is the lack of building things. To be honest, I was never the greatest builder, and I’d rather just run around and hide. I always got ticked off when some kid would build a four-star hotel in five seconds while it takes me ten minutes to build a shack. Forging weapons and special abilities (which is one of the few things it shares with Paladins) are also a notable difference.

Blue chicken with flag Realm Royale Nintendo Switch pc Xbox one PS4

There’s also where you can ride a horse at pretty much anytime, which makes it way easier to cross terrain. It also makes you pretty easy to hear, so don’t act shocked when some fool sees you and tries his luck. And the final Fortnite difference, is that you turn into a chicken when you “die” but if you manage to survive for a few moments while laying eggs (okay, not really), you will return with some health to continue onwards.

Wizard with Gatling gun Realm Royale Nintendo Switch pc Xbox one PS4

But like Fortnite, I find Realm Royale just rather underwhelming. It feels like 90% the same game, and that hurts it for me. Like Fortnite, I just find it more boring than exciting. While I get lucky with some weapons (rarely), I often never get a chance to use them until the last 20 or so players are left on the map. And no matter how hard I try, getting to number one often feels impossible. But like Fortnite and Paladins, the game is technically free, so I can’t hate on it too much.

Score: B-

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