Things I Like: Gachapandora (Sonic Mania)

This was one of my favorite boss fights in Sonic Mania. One reason is that Sonic and Tails turn mini and they are super cute. Dr. Eggman flys in a giant gumball hovering machine. Except the prizes are dangerous enemies. This Amy Rose robot counts as a cameo right? But overall this one wasn’t too…

Things I Like: Egg Pistons Mk II (Sonic Mania)

While most will forget, but this is a “remake” of the final boss fight from Sonic the Hedgehog 1. Essentially Dr. Eggman wants to crush you while you avoid energy blasts. I got hit a few times. But overall I didn’t find this that difficult, but it was fun.

Things I Like: Heavy Rider (Sonic Mania)

One of the later bosses in Sonic Mania comes after Sonic and Tails on a robot ladybug while carrying a mace. The thing about this battle is that the boss isn’t difficult to dodge. However, he’s difficult to attack. Took me a little while to get my timing right. But eventually the robot became a…

Things I Like: Drillerdroid (Sonic Mania)

Drillerdroid is a later boss in Sonic Mania. It targets Sonic and Tails but his crosshairs are easy to dodge. But when it crashes down, cave spikes fall and they’re difficult to dodge. That being said, it’s easy to hold on to your rings. So Drillerdroid becomes obsolete soon.

Things I Like: Mega Octus (Sonic Mania)

Probablly the one boss I had the most trouble with. This Dr. Eggman driven metal octopus is quite tricky. Trying to dodge it and laser blasts can be tricky when you also have to worry about not falling into the oil ocean. I died quite a few times. But eventually I got passed it, I…