Noelle (2019 Film) Review

Noelle disney+ Anna Kendrick movie poster

With the launch of Disney+, they don’t just draw from a massive well of former Disney movies/show plus all Star Wars and Marvel films, but like their rival Netflix, they’re committed to Original Content. Noelle has some pretty familiar faces (like its star Anna Kendrick) and silver-screen production values, so this does seem like it’s a step above and beyond something they’d make for the Disney Channel. But the question is, was there a reason Noelle didn’t make it to theaters?

Noelle sees father santa Noelle disney+ Anna Kendrick

The film is set during the modern day, but at first a few decades earlier. Noelle Kringle is the daughter of Santa Claus, one of many before him. Her family has lived at the North Pole and made Christmas magic for generations. She really wants to be important one day, but her brother Nick Kringle is the heir apparent.

Noelle teaching nick how to be Santa Noelle disney+ Anna Kendrick

Which doesn’t become an issue until Papa Christmas dies in 2019. Which makes the role fall to his only son Nick. Except Nick…isn’t a very good candidate for Santa. He doesn’t believe in himself, everyone can see it too. If him and his sister could switch personalities, all the problems would be solved. But before Christmas day, Nick goes AWOL.

Noelle looking for nick in Arizona Noelle disney+ Anna Kendrick

With very little time, Noelle has to find Nick. She does know he’s in Phoenix, Arizona, but with so many “Santas” around, it’s not going to be as easy as she thought. She’ll meet many new faces (and some with angry reactions to her “Christmas spirit”) along the way, but even if she does find Nick, that’s just the first half of the problem. Will Christmas be saved?

Noelle with giant santa letter Noelle disney+ Anna Kendrick

Overall Noelle was a good, but somewhat weak Christmas movie. Which makes me wonder if this film was really meant for Disney+ from day one, or they knew it’d probably flop a little so they tried to save it before it was too late. It reminds me a lot of Will Ferrell’s Elf, but Anna Kendrick’s Noelle character doesn’t hold a Christmas candle to Buddy the Elf. But if you enjoy Christmas movies or have kids, this one is a good option for a new movie.

Score: B-

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