Frozen II (2019 Film) Review

Frozen 2 disney movie poster

Quite a number of years ago, I watched Frozen for the first time. While I was a little late to the game, I could see why pretty much every kid was in-love with the movie. It’s literally like the favorite thing of one of my nieces. It took Disney years and years to get a sequel made, but it begs the question. Was it really worth a six year wait?

Bedtime story for young princesses anna and Elsa Frozen 2 disney

The story takes place not too far after the events for the original Frozen. Though we see a flashback of when Elsa and Anna were little. Their parents tell them of an enchanted forest. The forest was filled with people who allied with the Kingdom of Arendelle, but something went wrong and the two groups of people had a bitter battle resulting in the death of Elsa’s and Anna’s grandfather, one of the former kings.

Kristoff fails to propose to Princess Anna Frozen 2 disney

Back to the present, things are pretty normal. Though things are changing. Such as Kristoff really wants to pop the question to Princess Anna but the moment just never seems right. Olaf the Snowman thinks everyone older than eighteen is “ancient” but he seeks their advice as he learns more about society and the world.

Queen Elsa and princess Anna holding hands Frozen 2 disney

But things get serious when Queen Elsa hears a voice that calls to her. She knows it has to do something with her magic, and perhaps even her parents. It leads her to that very enchanted forest that went so wrong in her father’s youth. The strange mist creating a barrier lets them in, but it doesn’t let them out. What really lies within it?

Olaf looking at water pond Frozen 2 disney

Overall Frozen 2 is a good movie, but it falls short of its predecessor. They play it too safe and it does hurt the overall film. While it’s charming, funny, and mostly entertaining, it really could have been so much more. Since it just came out the other day, it’s already a huge success at the box office (and nobody is shocked), so I’m sure we’ll see at least one more tale with Elsa and Anna.

Score: B-

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