Things I Like: Belle (Once Upon a Time)

Belle once upon a time ABC

Belle was one of my favorites on the show. She was so sweet, smart, and kind. While her character didn’t have that good of a story post-Neverland, I still liked her throughout the whole series.

Belle meets Rumplestiltskin once upon a time ABC

She’s obviously based on Belle from Beauty and the Beast. But this time, Rumplestilskin is the “beast.” She agrees to be Rumple’s “servant” in order for the Dark One to defeat the ogres and save her kingdom.

Belle working for Rumplestiltskin once upon a time ABC

But her life with Rumple soon becomes one of love, for both of them. Despite the difference in their characters and personality.

Belle imprisoned by Mayor Regina Mills once upon a time ABC

For most of the cursed era in Storybrooke, Maine, she has no memories. Regina has her locked up in a mental ward until Jefferson (the Mad Hatter) breaks her free to get revenge on the Evil Queen.

Belle Rumplestiltskin wedding once upon a time ABC

Her life with Rumple post-curse had its ups and downs. I didn’t really like the story when their marriage had fallen apart.

Belle holding baby Gideon once upon a time ABC

So much so that she gives her baby to the Blue Fairy, so Rumple wouldn’t corrupt their son. Then he turns up grown and evil thanks to the Black Fairy’s magic and malice.

Belle and Rumplestiltskin save Gideon once upon a time ABC

But their love for Gideon brings them back together.

Belle dies of old age once upon a time ABC

In the last season, she goes to a magical realm and dies of old age. She challenges Rumple to find a way to break his curse and find her.

Belle reunites with Rumplestiltskin in heaven once upon a time ABC

And that’s what he does, and they have their happiness in the end.

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  1. Theresa says:

    She was a lovely character.


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