Team Sonic Racing (Nintendo Switch) Review

Team Sonic Racing Nintendo Switch boxart

Mario Kart is the king of kart racing games, a fact that has probably irked all other companies that have tried and failed to leech off Nintendo’s success since the 1990’s. Which is pretty much the same as Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series and the copy-cats that have all fell short of glory. Team Sonic Racing is by no means, Sega or Sonic’s first attempt at a racing game in the go-kart sense. I had the Nintendo Switch version, but the game is also on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Tails driving on ice track Team Sonic Racing Nintendo Switch Xbox One PS4 Sega

Unlike the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing a good number of years back, the cast here is pretty much all from the Sonic franchise. So don’t expect Alex Kidd or the Super Monkey Ball cast to show up somewhere. Luckily there are many characters from the series that I would enjoy playing as. Along with a few other strange characters who either annoy me, or I have no idea who or what they are. I have skipped a few Sonic games over the years.

Big the cat Team Sonic Racing Nintendo Switch Xbox One PS4 Sega

Unlike the other Sonic racing games I’ve seen and played, this one forces the idea of 3 person teams. Meaning three human or CPU players all race as a group. If one person comes in first, but the other two come in dead last, then you’ll most likely lose to the other teams. The lead person of the team leaves a yellow-lit path that gives their team-mates a small speed boost. You can also give items to your team-members if they need it.

Shadow using rocket boost Team Sonic Racing Nintendo Switch Xbox One PS4 Sega

There’s also an online mode, which works fine and without much lag, but there is one problem. They heavily use CPUs to fill in the gaps when they’re aren’t enough living and breathing players. During my first couple of races, there was literally only one other guy that was human. And both his and my team lost to the computer. Even in the single player mode, it’s actually a considerable challenge to come in first place, which is dumb.

Rogue driving dirt track Team Sonic Racing Nintendo Switch Xbox One PS4 Sega

Like the Crash Team Racing remake, this new Sonic racing game is pretty underwhelming. While both Crash Bandicoot and Sonic have fanbases of sheep who will like almost any garbage the companies puke out (I’ve seen some Sonic fans call the infamous Sonic 06′ a “masterpiece”), this isn’t a very good racing game. It’s functional, but it’s not very fun. For years I had thought Mario Kart was getting stale, but it only took me a few hours with the competition to realize how finely made those games are.

Score: C

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