Video Game History:Virtual Boy

Nintendo virtual boy

The Virtual Boy was a semi-portable video game console released by Nintendo in 1995. It was truly one of the most innovative systems ever. But just because you’re innovative, doesn’t mean you’re good.

Nintendo virtual boy controller

What’s up with the two D-pads? This is one of the most bizarre controllers Nintendo ever made.

Nintendo virtual boy eye piece

Well you didn’t plug this thing into a TV, you had to look through this headset to play a game.

Mario tennis Nintendo virtual boy

Oh and by the way, the whole game is in black & red. This is Mario Tennis which actually predates all the other Mario Tennis titles.

Mario Bros Nintendo virtual boy

Nintendo also released Mario Clash which was a semi-remake of the original Mario Bros. game. Not to be confused with Super Mario Bros.

Tetris Nintendo virtual boy

There was also 3D Tetris….I’ll pass.

Water world Nintendo virtual boy

It even had crappy movie games as well. This is Waterworld based on the crappy film of the same name.

Wario Land Nintendo virtual boy

The system also had Virtual Boy Wario Land which is considered as the system’s magnum opus. Which is a little sad if you think about, and I love Wario Land.

Space Invaders Nintendo virtual boy

There was only a handfull of games as well. We got about 20 games, while Japan got a few more. Space Invaders Virtual Collection was one of them.

SD Gundam Dimension War Nintendo virtual boy

They also had SD Gundam Dimension War which is based on the popular anime. The Virtual Boy only sold 770,000 units worldwide.

Original Nintendo DS model

The funny thing is that while the Virtual Boy was always considered a failure, many gamers (mainly Sony PSP fanboys) tried to pose the DS as the next Virtual Boy. The DS went on to outsell the PSP by a large margin and has currently sold about 150 million units between all the redesigns.

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