Video Game History: Malice

Malice Microsoft Xbox boxart

While it was originally suppose to be a PS1 game, Malice gained some hype by becoming one of the first revealed games for the original Xbox. It was originally suppose to be a launch game for the system, however development issues pushed the game far-back. Malice was finally released in 2004 on both Xbox and PS2. The results weren’t as promising as the original screenshots had given hope.

Malice Microsoft Xbox Sony PS2

When it’s final-form was playable, it did look 3 years stuck in the past. This might of been cutting-edge if it was on the Sega Dreamcast, but it certainly could not contend with Halo 2 or The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in the graphics department.

Swinging hammer Malice Microsoft Xbox Sony PS2

The actual game-play was a mix of platformer meets action. While the video game press originally gave Malice a lot of coverage back in 2001, few publications had a soft spot in their heart for this underdeveloped game which received mostly negative reviews. The game failed to sell well, and it’s developer shut it’s doors for good. Given the chance to play Malice, I would pass on it because it didn’t look good in 2004 and it certainly looks even worse now.

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