Donkey Kong 3 (NES) Review

Donkey Kong 3 NES Nintendo boxart

Playing Donkey Kong Jr. got me a little intrigued to try the 3rd game.

Donkey Kong 3 NES Nintendo version

So what’s Donkey Kong been doing after he was freed from Mario’s cage by his son? Well apparently making trouble with bugs. Stanley The Bug Man must save his greenhouse from the ape menace. How you ask? By spraying the large gorilla with bug poison where the sun don’t shine. Makes sense.

Stanley vs dk Donkey Kong 3 NES Nintendo

Joking aside, that’s all there really is to Donkey Kong 3. You spray Donkey Kong enough to make him hit his head on something to proceed to the next level. The only thing in your way are bugs coming their way to kill you. If the controls weren’t so clunky, this might have been an easier task. Doesn’t really matter though since the game is so short and repetitive and such a radical departure from the first two games. I have my criticism for the original Donkey Kong games, but they were decent time-killers. This is just an embarrassing title in one of Nintendo’s most famous series.

Score: 2 out of 10

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