Things I Like: President Garrett Walker (House of Cards)

President Garrett walker house of Cards Netflix

The sitting President of the United States at the start of the show, I enjoyed his character, though the show isn’t really about his presidency, but the end of it.

Election night party Garrett walker house of Cards Netflix

It all starts off grand, everyone is happy at his election party. But before he takes office for real, he thinks Frank Underwood would do better to remain in Congress than be his Secretary of State. Which makes Frank vow revenge.

President Garrett walker inauguration  house of Cards Netflix

I wasn’t quite sure what his real political goals were. But he sure remained blind to Frank’s plans behind his back.

Frank Underwood Garrett walker vice president Matthews house of Cards Netflix

Frank uses the fact that his Vice President, Jim Matthews hated being Vice President and wanted to be Governor of Pennsylvania again.

President Garrett walker state of the union house of Cards Netflix

And Frank’s unlikely plan works out and he becomes Walker’s new VP. Though, Frank undermines him the whole time, while acting like his friend.

President Garrett walker resigns house of Cards Netflix

And Frank ends up getting him tied to some kind of scandal involving China. Like Richard Nixon, Walker resigns in disgrace.

Former president Garrett walker house of Cards Netflix

I didn’t expect to see him again after that, but we do see him in his retirement. Though he seems to be loyal to his party, and refuses to take revenge on Frank.

Garrett walker dooms frank Underwood house of Cards Netflix

That lasts a few years until he dooms Frank’s presidency and testifies against him. I can’t remember the rest of what happens to him afterward, but I know he felt good getting his revenge. I felt happy in a way for him.

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