Things I Like: Lucas Goodwin (House of Cards)

Lucas Goodwin House of Cards Netflix

I always thought of Lucas Goodwin was a good guy and a very likable person. He’s a little minor at first, he’s one of Zoe Barnes’ co-workers at the newspaper and he’s more of the side of ethics, while she wants fame.

Lucas Goodwin and zoe Barnes  House of Cards Netflix

They eventually date as the series goes on. Until Frank Underwood throws her into the path of a subway train in Washington D.C.

Lucas Goodwin investigation of the murder of Zoe Barnes House of Cards Netflix

He spends much of this time afterward going crazy and mourning over her loss. He even tries to find a way to get Vice President Frank Underwood sent to prison.

Lucas Goodwin in prison House of Cards Netflix

But ends up getting himself locked up when a plan goes wrong. Whoops!

Lucas Goodwin prisoner parole House of Cards Netflix

I thought we had seen the last of him, but after a season away, he returns as he’s released from jail and works in some of kind of reforming program.

Lucas Goodwin shoots frank Underwood House of Cards Netflix

I kind of knew he was going to try something with Frank, but I never thought we’d see him put bullets into him. He nearly kills Frank Underwood, but he does end the life of his Secret Service agent Edward Meechum. Though Lucas is slain by Meechum before he died, so Goodwin’s legacy mostly died with him. A bit of a pity.

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