Video Game History: Spider-Man (GBC)

Spider-man game boy color boxart

In 2000 Activision released the excellent Spider-Man game that was a big hit on the PS1, N64, and Dreamcast. But what was lesser known was the version for Game Boy Color. While some places list it as the same game, it features unique levels and is in 2D.

Spider-man running rooftop Spider-man game boy color GBC

I figure what connects the handheld and console versions was a similar story. You obviously play as Spider-Man and you get the standard powers you’d expect. Like generic punches, web shots, and the ability to web-sling as well.

Spider-man vs Venom Spider-man game boy color GBC

The levels were pretty straight-forward marches to the end. Once Spider-Man defeated everyday criminals, he would often face one of Marvel’s greatest villains at the end. Many of whom include Doctor Octopus, Venom, and Carnage.

Spider-man web slinging Spider-man game boy color GBC

What is interesting was the split reaction of fans and critics alike over the game’s quality. Many disliked it for it’s tough difficulty, while those with the skill to conquer the levels gave it high praise. Regardless it seems this one was certainly overshadowed by it’s big-brother console counterpart.

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