The Alamo (2004 Film) Review

The Alamo 2004 movie poster

I really like American history, but the Texas Revolution is a bit of a blind-spot in my knowledge. I am not from Texas, nor have I ever set foot on Texas soil. So I haven’t been to the Alamo, but I have heard of the infamous battle. One of the few battles in American history where it didn’t turn out so well in the short-term. I wasn’t quite sure how well this 2004 incarnation was, but I decided to jump in to better understand the history behind the movie.

Sam Houston The Alamo 2004 movie

The film starts off before the tough battles get going. Sam Houston meets the famous Davy Crockett and they discuss the issue of Texas. The government of Mexico has rule over the future-state, and many Americans have immigrated there. The signs of war are pretty darn obvious, and Sam Houston is among the men leading the fight for independence.

Santa Anna The Alamo 2004 movie

Their biggest foe by far is Antonio de Padua Maria Severino Lopez de Santa Anna y Perez de Lebron, better known as General Santa Anna. He also happens to be President of the Mexican Republic. At this time of his life, he is known for showing little to zero mercy to his enemies, and he has a large army to back him up.

Davy Crockett The Alamo 2004 movie

What stands between Santa Anna and most of Texas is the Alamo. Originally a Catholic mission (a church and some other buildings for the community), it had become a fortress that would commonly be “traded” again and again throughout the years. The Texans are very outnumbered but they are full of spirit. They know that the only way to save Texas for the future, is to die for it if they must.

Billy bob Thorton The Alamo 2004 movie

Overall I liked The Alamo but it does has its issues. I thought Billy Bob Thorton did really well as Davy Crockett and Dennis Quaid impressed me as Sam Houston. The script is where the problem lies as I had some moments where I cared little for what was going on. The big battle also could have been more epic. I was a little shocked to learn that critics didn’t like this one, and regular folks weren’t too happy with it either.

Score: B-

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