Video Game History: The Uncanny X-Men (NES)

The Uncanny X-Men NES Boxart

The 80s were not a good time to be a gamer who also wanted to play as their favorite comic superhero team. The Uncanny X-Men was the X-Men’s first video game, and it was beyond awful. Not even Toad would play this garbage.

The Uncanny X-Men NES

The game is basically a side-scrolling adventure game. You get to pick one of the X-Men and a friend (or the computer A.I.) will join you as another mutant hero. They all feature their own powers, but no matter who you pick you will always end up with worthless abilities you wish you could change at a moment’s notice.

The Uncanny X-Men Nintendo entertainment system

So you basically fight your way to the next boss, and during the boss battle if you choose a wrong direction then you have to play the whole level over again. To face the final boss Magento, you need a secret code which is never hinted at any time but is apparently (and incorrectly) listed on the box itself. Fans cite it as one of the X-Men’s most terribly difficult and poorly designed adventures.

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